About Krka in the United Kingdom

Krka launched the United Kingdom subsidiary in 2015 arriving to the market with the animal health portfolio. Krka UK's range of products span the companion animal and farm animal sectors which aim to improve the welfare of animals whilst adding value through unique generic plus advantages. The animal health portfolio encompasses products targeted for pain relief, parasite control, anthelmintic treatments as well as antibiotics.

Historically Krka has been a prominent partner in the manufacturing process for many molecules and companies over the past 60 years. This has led Krka to become one of the top generic companies worldwide. Krka is proud to offer high quality generic medicines which derive from refined manufacturing processes at the global headquarters.

The manufacturing process behind Krka’s high quality medicines incorporates a truly vertically integrated model. Vertical integration to Krka is a key factor in controlling the entire manufacturing process, to ensure we can deliver the high quality products Krka is renowned for. Vertical integration houses all production systems, from production of the raw materials, manufacturing the finished products and distribution. By incorporating this model into the production of our products, it ensures we can continue to deliver quality, consistency and value to our customers.