About Krka in the United Kingdom

Krka's focus is on the development of high-quality generic pharmaceuticals, which offer added value. We supply both Krka branded and own label solutions. We partner with customers in over 70 markets and our Europe based production facilties are designed as an end to end system. This ensures robust quality control, with a more stable stock supply and lower product ‘miles’ for our pharmaceutical solutions.

Human Health Solutions

Krka is one of the world’s leading generic pharmaceutical companies. Our medicines are used to treat more than 50 million patients worldwide every day. Our Human Health portfolio in the UK specialises in cardiovascular, alimentary canal and metabolism, central nervous system and respiratory diseases.
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Animal Health

Krka UK is currently the fastest growing animal health company in the UK1. With over 50 years in developing animal health solutions Krka continues to bring innovation to the category with its generics+ range covering key categories across parasite and infection control and pain management.
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Social Responsibility

Krka have been taking responsibility for our broader community since 1954. Our focus on sustainablity and maintaining a healthy environment has evolved into a fully scoped ESG policy.
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Reference 1. Kynetec Group September 2022