We at Krka pursue the strategic objective of developing our generic pharmaceuticals by investing in research and development, and in our production and distribution centres around the world.

The Notol 2 plant, a new cutting-edge plant for manufacturing solid dosage forms, is the result of increased investments. This is the largest investment in the history of Krka. The Notol 2 plant was opened in 2015 and is one of the most technologically advanced pharmaceutical plants in the world. Its distinctive features include closed production systems, the vertical flow of raw materials, and a high degree of automation and computer control. All this guarantees the highest level of product and occupational safety. Manufacturing is similar to that in the Notol plant, but we have further upgraded many processes according to our experience, knowledge, technologies, and innovations to make them more efficient.

At the end of 2014, production started in the Sinteza 1 plant in Krško, where we manufacture active pharmaceutical ingredients for Krka's finished products. By manufacturing them ourselves, we exert full control over the most important part of each medicine. The new plant complements the active pharmaceutical ingredient plant in Novo mesto, Sinteza 4, which opened in 2007, and is one of the largest plants of its kind in Europe. In this way, Krka has been pursuing the vertically integrated business model, which allows for complete control over the manufacturing process, from development of a raw material to a finished product. The synthesis plant designs include the latest technological solutions, and are in line with GMP and European standards for occupational and environmental safety.

In the past decade, we have allocated €1.3 billion to investments. In October 2011, we opened the third development and control centre, Razvojno-kontrolni center 3, and a solid dosage form production plant in Ločna, Novo Mesto. In the Russian Federation, when the Krka-Rus plant marked its 10th anniversary in 2013, we completed one of the most important investment projects in the Krka Group, the construction of the Krka-Rus 2 plant. In February 2015, we built a plant for the production of the new generation of lozenges in Ljutomer.

Krka will continue investing, because we are aware this is the only way to make progress. In Slovenia, Croatia and the Russian Federation, several projects have been launched aiming to increase our production capacities by more than one third. The construction of the fourth development and control centre, with its completion due in 2017, is currently Krka's most substantial investment. Krka has been constantly upgrading its infrastructure so as to provide quality support to business functions of the complete Krka Group.