Krka’s products give it a presence all over the world. As part of our business strategy we have set the objective of balanced sales in five different regions: Slovenia, Central Europe, South-East Europe, East Europe, West Europe and Overseas Markets.

Our products are sold in over 70 countries. Our traditional markets stretch from Vladivostok to Lisbon. We are the leading pharmaceutical company in Slovenia.

The key market in Krka’s Region Central Europe is Poland, followed by Czech Republic, Hungary and Lithuania among the other markets in the region. The key market in Region East Europe is the Russian Federation. Other important markets in the region are Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Georgia and Azerbaijan. In Region South-East Europe, Croatia, Romania and Bulgaria are the largest markets. Region West Europe and Overseas Markets is increasingly important, particularly the markets of Germany, the UK, the Nordic countries, and Italy. Krka also markets its products in Africa, the Arabian peninsula, and the East Asian states.

Chart - Krka Group sales by region (English)