Research and development

At Krka we develop innovative generic medicines, i.e. generic medicines with value added, which are the product of our own in-house knowledge, and provide our products with major advantages for years after market entry. All our pharmaceuticals offer high quality, efficacy and safety. Our products are marketed under our own brands.

Research and development play a major role in consolidating and developing Krka’s competitive position as one of Europe’s leading generic pharmaceutical producers.

The basic objectives of Krka’s research and development policy remain developing technologies for the production of pharmaceutical ingredients and pharmaceutical dosage forms, and performing all the testing and research required to gain marketing authorisations for prescription pharmaceuticals, non-prescription products and animal health products. We are also increasing our human resources and modernising premises and equipment.

The operations of the Krka controlling company and its subsidiaries are coordinated within the Krka Group. This includes taking into account the entire portfolio of companies and the specifics of the individual markets on which they operate, and opening up new sales opportunities for them.

The product range is continually updated with new pharmaceuticals produced by our research and development teams. New pharmaceuticals are produced from known active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) via advanced methods, the latest technological procedures and innovative solutions. Our generic pharmaceuticals generally contain ingredients acquired from our own biosynthetical and chemical processes. This is due to our strong focus on investing in knowledge, modern equipment and R&D and production capacity.

Effective work on market authorisations demands the use of optimal procedures within national and European legislation. Past experience is used to full effect in the market authorisation management process. We also are continually engaged in managing national market authorisation procedures. Effective product development and the advanced preparation of market authorisation documentation for new products is a vital part of ensuring a satisfactory number of new product market authorisations in future. The result of creative and innovative approaches and above all the hard work from the R&D team are seen in the submission of market authorisation documents for numerous new products.

Krka's Research and Development Division acquired vital R&D infrastructure for the development of APIs, which is one of its main responsibilities. We opened new chemical development laboratories, which have become the hub of our synthesis and analysis-related knowledge, which is an essential part of product research throughout the entire chain, from theoretical study of chemical synthesis to the introduction of new synthesised technology into industrial processes.

At Krka we respect the intellectual property of others and protect our own. We protect the results of our work in key areas with patent applications. The company markets its products under its own trademarked brands, which further enhances the added value of Krka products.