Social responsibility

Ever since Krka was founded we have recognised the importance not only of generating positive business results, but also of ensuring a more prosperous, better quality and enjoyable life both for Krka’s employees and people in our local environment – our neighbours.

Employee care

Krka’s business performance is based on the commitment and knowledge of its employees. At Krka we are committed to acquiring, motivating and retaining dedicated and capable staff and building an international corporate culture.

Environmental responsibility

Our commitment to caring for health and quality of life is also expressed in our relations to the environment. The development of high-quality processes improves production, in a manner that burdens the environment as little as possible.

Sponsorships and donations

Society at large is very important for Krka, and we support it through our sponsorship and donation programmes. Because Krka’s overall mission is summed up by the words “Living the Healthy Life” most of our donation and sponsorship work goes to projects relating to the health and quality of life.