Environmental protection

Environmental protection is an important aspect of Krka's business strategy. We are well aware that we are part of a broad social community, which enables us to operate successfully. As our operations affect people, the community and the natural environment, we strive to reduce our impact on the environment and provide for a clean and healthy living environment for the employees and the broad community. Environmental sustainability is becoming increasingly important to our customers, our employees and the public, so we have incorporated it into Krka's daily business operations. We refer to the environmental management system ISO 14001, which was implemented in 2001.

Through a holistic approach to environmental protection, we wish to foster a positive and responsible attitude to the environment among all employees. Operational tasks are conducted by Environmental Protection.

Our environmental policy clearly defines our responsibility to the natural environment and commits us to:

  • include environmental awareness in our development strategy and individual investment projects and thus reduce the negative impact on the environment to the greatest extent possible;
  • reduce emissions by using all the available technology;
  • reduce risks of the occurrence of extraordinary events and improve measures taken in such events;
  • use energy sources rationally and reduce waste;
  • replace hazardous substances used in technologies with less hazardous ones;
  • increase environmental awareness of employees through education, training and raising their environmental consciousness;
  • inform employees and the public about the present state and achievements related to the environment;
  • consistently follow and consider the applicable legal provisions and also new legislation and guidelines in the pharmaceutical industry;
  • set systematic environmental goals and programmes to improve the present state of the environment.

Environmental milestones in 2015

  • Start-up of the state-of-the-art water purification system for the preparation of pharmaceutical waters and energy supply;
  • decrease in the use of river water for energy by over 25%;
  • implementation of a system of aerobic stabilisation of sludge at the treatment plant;
  • reduction of sludge from the treatment plant by 462 t or 21%;
  • reduction of waste for disposal in landfills by 5%;
  • replacement of the steam boiler in Ločna;
  • reconstruction of the dry air preparation system in Notol;
  • upgrading the energy monitoring and targeting (M&T) system;
  • reducing fuel consumption in transport by 2.6%.