Why work at Krka?

1. Success, innovation, quality

KRKA UK is a part of Krka group. Krka is known for high quality products and innovative approach which enables its growth and success on different markets for over 60 years. In our plants in Poland, Germany, Slovenia, Croatia and Russia we use highest technology and standards of work.

Working in an international environment we value hard work, contribution of each individual and offer the possibility of developing an international career. 

2. Knowledge and development

Investing in knowledge, professional and personal development of our employees is the way we work. Our international trainers provide custom and goal oriented trainings in order to ensure development on professional and personal area. 

Our intention is to develop our employees that they are able to take on more responsible and challenging tasks, weather as managers, team leaders or valuable experts.

3. Opportunity to grow with Krka UK

Krka UK is in a start-up phase. Joining a company at its beginnings brings with it on one hand opportunity to use your knowledge and show your abilities in overcoming challenges and achieving objectives and on the other hand it brings opportunity to grow with the company. Working for  a young growing company is always exciting. Job roles are versatile. Start-up environment offers opportunity to work in all areas of a certain role and gives your knowledge broadness. The learning curve can really be steep in a start-up environment.  And since Krka UK is part of KRKA Group the knowledge transfer and stability of start-up situation are also ensured by the headquarters.

4. Team spirit

Krka UK is a dynamic company making its first steps in UK market. Every team member matters. Each team member´s knowledge, ideas, resourcefulness and creativity matters. Working together in a closely connected way is the only way to make Krka UK successful company. Therefore enhancing good relationships  and solving any differences in a timely way is the continues effort.  Krka UK´s development and progress cannot be imagined without its team members. Our employees are Krka UK´s most important competitive advantage.  We perform the tasks to the best of our abilities. We strive to ensure that whatever we undertake is done in the best way, as effectively as possible and in the shortest reasonable time. In Krka UK we try to create such working environment that attracts people and keeps them on. Together we create the opportunities and the conditions for feeling safe, accepted, free and important.

5. Social responsibility

Protecting, preserving and caring for environment is part of everyday business life in Krka. We use high production technology in our plant, recycle and are responsible when using natural resources, such as water, energy.