Krka employees used sustainable means of transport, because every step counts!

23. 9. 2021

Krka employees used sustainable means of transport, because every step counts!

Krka employees contribute their share to maintaining a healthy living environment by adopting alternative travelling habits. The goal of Krka’s Car-Free Day is to encourage as many employees as possible to use sustainable means of transport to get to work.

Advantages are numerous: less energy consumption, lesser environmental impact, more flexibility, greater safety, etc. It gives us great pleasure to see an upward trend in this regard, making our Mobility Plan all the more relevant leading to fewer cars, better road safety and better air quality in the environments in which we operate.

The number of participants is steadily growing in Slovenia and Krka's business units worldwide. This year we were joined by our colleagues from 15 countries: Bulgaria, Belarus, Croatia, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Czechia, Portugal, Austria, Germany, India, Romania, Ukraine, North Macedonia and Kyrgyzstan.

Green mobility should be safe, which is why we regularly stress the importance of following recommendations and measures to protect health and safety not only in the workplace, but on the way to work as well.

Electric vehicles and charging stations


Our efforts to make mobility safe began years ago. Today we feature two charging stations for electric vehicles at Krka's central location in Ločna, Novo mesto. They can be used by employees, Krka's business partners and visitors. To encourage our employees to ride a bike to work, we installed additional bike spaces.

We purchased five electric vehicles in an effort to improve the quality of air in Slovenia - our employees use them for delivering mail and performing other activities in Novo mesto, Šentjernej and Krško.

We also help local communities implement such programs, and thus contribute to the expansion of sustainable mobility in the wider social environment; this year, we purchased bicycles for kindergarten children in an effort to help even the youngest members of our society begin to understand the importance of sustainability.